All tours need to be booked in advance. 


Our tasting room is suitable for up to 50 persons standing up while comfortably seating 30 persons.


Walk-in tasting:

Available only if the family is at home. It is best to call in advance +372 5087222 (winemaker Tiina) or write an email 20 eur per person.




1. Wine tasting (EST, ENG, RUS, FR)

Includes: tour in the winery & tasting of 5 fruit, berry or grape wines (10-50 pers.).

Duration: 90 min.

Price:15 eur/person (minimum 10 pers.)



2. Tasting + lunch/dinner 

Multiple-course farm-gourmet menu paired with local wines. Minimum 8 persons, maximum 30 persons.

Prices vary between 20-25 eur per person. Duration: 1-3h



3. Room for seminars 

Includes a room with projector, chairs, sound system and whiteboard. (max 50 persons)

Price: 45 eur/h

 vt eesti kodkas 


4. Local historycombined with wine tasting! (EST, ENG, RUS, FR) (New service!)


Local historian Allan will take you through the vast history of northern Estonia. He goes deeply through the topics and it is possible to ask very specific questions during this tour. Recommended for history lovers. (10-50 persons)

Service includes: General lecture and excursion to the former battlefield. Making acquaintance with the findings of hobby-archeologists. When it is bad weather outside the whole program will take place in a cozy room inside.

Topics of the lecture include:

Danish period (Waldemar II, Erik Menved),

Swedish period (De la Blanque, De la Gardie, Johan III & Sigismund III),

Russian period (golden age of local taverns and their fall) and

War of Independence 1918 and Great Northern War 1704.

Duration: ~45 minutes

Prices vary depending on the lenghts of the lecture and the number of wines. Ask an offer +372 5087222 (winemaker Tiina) or write an email




You can ask us for accommodation partners near our winery.

All tours start at Valgejõe Talu, Valgejõe küla, 74712, Kuusalu vald, Harjumaa, Eesti.